Thomas Lloyd (1)

Died 1780.

Lloyd was commissioned lieutenant on 17 September 1764.

Serving on the Jamaican station, he was promoted commander on 10 July 1776 and sailed the sloop Atalanta 14 up the Mississippi. Thereafter remaining off that coast on the lookout for rebel privateers, he entered into a correspondence with the Spanish governor of Louisiana during May of the following year to seek the release of eleven British merchantmen that had been impounded at New Orleans for alleged smuggling. Although the claim was regarded as invalid under the terms of a 1763 treaty he was unable to take any further action once the governor referred the matter to his government in Madrid. With his crew suffering from sickness, and being fearful of losing men to desertion, Lloyd similarly referred the matter to more senior diplomats and sailed for Pensacola. After returning to England the Atalanta was refitted at Sheerness in 1778.

During July 1778 Lloyd commissioned a recently purchased East Indiaman as the Hydra 24, seeing service in the Channel Islands and with the Channel Fleet through to the following year, and being present in the August retreat before the allied armada.

In October 1779 he commissioned the new Laurel 28, sailing out to the Leeward Islands in April 1780, but he lost his life with most of his crew when this vessel was wrecked at Martinique in the Great Hurricanes of October 1780, the Laurel being lost on the 11th.