In these Appendices you will find listings of relevant government officials and commander-in-chiefs by station, honours earned by the 1,200 officers included in the Officer Biography section, and lists of those officers who served as MP s.

Government officials

The links below will take you though to tables showing the names of politicians, officials and officers who held the post shown during the period of this work:

Prime Minister First Lord of the Admiralty First Secretary to the Admiralty
Comptroller of the Navy Governor of Greenwich Hospital Lieutenant-Governor of Greenwich Hospital


The links below will take you through to tables showing the commanders-in-chief for each station shown during the period of this work.

Cape Channel Cork
Downs East Indies Halifax
Jamaica Leeward Islands Mediterranean
Newfoundland Nore North America
North Sea Plymouth Portsmouth
South America renamed Pacific in 1837

Honours earned or inherited by individuals in the Officer Biography section:

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Individuals from the Officer Biography section who served as Members of Parliament:

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