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THE ROYAL NAVY 1776-1815


About the website

Drawing on over two hundred and fifty published sources, this work in progress is a comprehensive and readable reference guide to the golden age of Naval History from the commencement of the American War of Revolution in 1776 to the termination of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815. It is in two parts – a Biographical History and Chronicle – and will eventually consist of approximately 2m words. The vast majority of the work has already been completed and once validated and edited will be added to the site in a chronological order with biographies of the officers being inserted as and when they appear in the history..

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Blog and Contact details

Here you can read about the progress of the work and how to contact me. Comments will always be welcome, and should you wish to provide additional information within the parameters of the work then this will be gladly received.

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This section will eventually consist of over 500 articles on operations and events for the years 1776-1815. Each year will begin with an historical overview, followed by the events in chronological order with lists of participating ships, senior officers and casualty figures where appropriate.

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Officer Biographies

This section will eventually contain biographies of over 1,200 officers who rose to the rank of admiral, or achieved success, fame or notoriety as post captains, during the period 1776-1815. Dates of promotions will be given, links to articles in the Chronicle will be provided and personal characteristics where available will be included.
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Here you will find listings of relevant government officials and commander-in-chiefs by station, honours earned by the 1,200 officers included in the Officer Biography section, and lists of those officers who served as MP s.

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