John Stanton


Stanton was promoted lieutenant on 14 February 1756 and posted captain of the Triton 20 on 4 March 1758, although this vessel was burned to prevent her capture by the French off Madras on 28 April. He briefly commanded the huge ex-French privateer Le Comte de Saint-Florentine 60 in the Medway during 1762 -3, this vessel having been captured several years earlier by the Achilles 60, Captain Hon. Samuel Barrington.

In November 1770 he recommissioned the Crescent 32 for the Falkland Islands dispute, leaving her in the following year having spent many months at the Nore.

Stanton had the Formidable 90 in the Channel fleet retreat of August 1779, and after she was coppered at Plymouth in early 1780 he retained her in the Channel, seeing service in the fleet campaign of June-December, but had left her by March 1781.

He subsequently became a captain superintending the Impress Board, and in 1787 was retired as a superannuated rear- admiral.

Stanton died on 24 August 1796 at Barnes, Surrey.

He married a Miss Partington of Holborn, London on 6 July 1780.