04.04.2024 Forget to mention I’m working on the action between the Aimable and the Pensee, a biography of Sir Davidge Gould, and a revisit of G. Darby.

15.03.2024 Trips to Italy, Tenerife and Costa Rica have taken their toll! Back to work with articles on the phenomenal power of HMS Glatton, Captain Jemett Mainwaring’s inconclusive engagement, biographies of A Littlejohn and W Smith, and revisions of J Peyton and J Ford

23.01.2024 To follow, an article on mad Captain Hugh Pigot thrashing an American merchant captain,, a biography of J Ayscough, and a revision of Lord Bridport.

03.01.2024 The new year starts with an article on Sir Alan Gardner fighting the Westminster election in 1796, a biography of H Hotham, and a revision of M Clements.

19.12.2023 Next up is an article on the cutting out of the Utile in 1796, a biography of D Milne, and a revision of Sir E Hughes.

19.11.2023 Struggling to complete Sir E Owen bio, so will work on it whilst tackling the capture of Commodore Moulston’s frigate squadron in June 1796, biographies of T Eyles and F Watkins, and revisions of J Moutray and J Laforey

19.10.23 A long hiatus due to holidays, but back on the project at last. An article to come on the Phoenix v Argo, biographies of A Griffiths and E Owen, and revisions of A Bertie and P Boteler

02.08.2023 Next up is an article on a midshipman’s incredible act of heroism, biographies of P Malcolm and R Haswell, and revisions of R Roddam and the Fox v Junon

15.07.2023 The summer has certainly slowed things up, but I’m currently working on an article covering the Indefatigable v Virginie, biographies of H Browell and G.M Bligh, and revisions of H Bromedge and M Arbuthnot

27.04.2023 To come – the capture of Sir William Sidney Smith in 1796, biographies of W Duddingston and R Laurie, and revisions of J C Allen and Hon. G Berkeley.

17.03.2023 To follow – an article on a frigate capture by Sir Edward Pellew’s squadron, biographies of C Adam and R Oliver, and revisions of Lord Mulgrave and J Cranston.

04.03.2023 Next up, an article on Admiral Christian’s Leeward Islands campaign of 1796, biographies of J Brenton and his son, Sir J Brenton, an article on an engagement between the Jupiter, Medea and Triton in the American Revolutionary War, and a revision of S Goodall.

10.02.2023 To come – an article on the Navy’s role in a disatrous attack on Saint-Domingue, biographies of J. E. Douglas and J Colville, and revisions of the Minerva v Concorde and J Stott.

08.01.2023 The new year starts with an article on Commodore Warren’s disappointing action on 20 March 1796, biographies of Sir G Cockburn and Sir J Brisbane, and revisions of A Fraser and J Biggs.

13.12.2022 Next up. an article on the capture of colombo and the Moluccan Islands in 1796, biographies of R Scott and G Eyre, and revisions of J Hamilton and Lord Longford.

05.11.2022 to follow, an article on Captain Pellew and the wreck of the Dutton, biographies of R Moubray and W OI’Brien Drury, and revisions of W Burnaby and A Duncan.

07.10.2022 Next up is an article on the wreck of the amethyst, biographies of Hon. F Gardner and H.Pigot, and revisions of W Kelly and Sir S Marshall.

19.09.2022 To follow – an article on the sailing of Rear-Admiral Christian’s doomed West Indies convoy, biographies of B Rowley and G Gregory, and revisions of C Paterson and M Jacobs.

30.08.2022 Next up is an article on the French recapture of the Censeur in 1795, biographies of J Lewis, E. Williams and E R Williams, and revisits to P Aplin and J Watt.

11.07.2022 Slow going at present. Next up is an article on a mutiny which was put down by Captain Bligh, biographies of G Countess and I Cotgrave, and revisions of E Edwards and Lord Gambier (1)

21.05.2022 to follow – an article on the capture of the Cape in 1795, biographies of Henry Lloyd and A. Legge, and revisions of W P Williams and B Christian.

07.04.2022 Next on the cab rank- an article on the Navy’s role at the capture of Trincomale in 1795, bios of E Rotheram and R Donnelly, and revisions of G Keppel and R Onslow.

11.03.2022 coming up – an article on the Navy’s role at the capture of Malacca in 1795, biographies of Sir T Williams and W Cracaft, and revisions of J Vashon and H Colins.

09.02.2022 to follow, an article on the Battle of the Hyeres Islands, biographies of C.Dashwood and J Bowen, and a revision of J Hawker.

10.01.2022 Next up on the work list – an article on Captain Walker’s court-martial, biographies of W Bedford, J Monkton and R Otway, and revisions of T Burnet, W Finch, and G Johnstone.

12.12.2021 – Next up is an article on the capture of the French frigate Minerve in 1795, biographies of E Kittoe, G Burlton and T Larcom, and revisions of H Harmood, J Butchart, and the Defence of New York in 1778

12.11.2021 – Coming soon, hopefully, an article on the Battle of Groix, biographies of G Sayer, W Roberts and W Brown, and revisions of the Battle of Cape Spartel from a Spanish perspective, T Collingwood, and H Robinson.

20.10.2021 – Next up, an article on the Cornwallis Retreat, biographies of Sir T Briggs, R Creyke and Sir F Laforey, and revisions of J Wheelock, G Balfour and S. Colby

06.09.2021 To follow – an article on Captain Essington’s capture of some Dutch East Indiamen, biographies of J Mainwaring, H Newcome and J Broughton, and revisions of W Blair, E Affleck and T Graves.

07.08.2021 wow – Sir John Warren took ages! Next up an article on the fire aboard the Boyne in 1795, biographies of J Deane, P Halkett and E Leveson-Gower, and revisions of Sir R Hughes, F S Drake, and H Parker.,

16.06.2021 summer certainly takes its toll on the workload. Next up an article on the action between the Astrea and the Gloire with biographies of J Fortescue, R Retallick and Sir J Warren and revisions of F Evans, A Parrey and the sailing of Byron’s fleet in 1778.

08.05.2021 – to follow, an article on the Navy’s conveyance off Princess Caroline of Brunswick to England in 1795, biographies of W H Webley, T Serocold and J Macnamara, with revisions of Sir R Harland, I Prescott and B Hill.

02.04.2021 – coming up next, an article on the Lively v Tourterelle, biographies of C Brisbane, H Darby and R Barton, and revisions of T Hicks, A Crespin and F Parry.

05.03.2021 – Next up – an article on the Battle of Genoa, biographies of C Herbert, J Ross, and E Griffiths, with revisions of P. Patton, Lord Manners and C Fitzgerald.

16.02.2021 – coming next – an article on the Blanche v Pique and the heroic death of Captain Robert Faulknor, biographies of Sir Chas Ogle, T Hamilton and Lord Garlies, and revisions of T L Frederick, W Fairfax and R Simonton.

07.02.2021 to follow – an article on the Brest fleet’s winter campaign and Sir William Sidney’s Smith’s venture into the Brest Roads, biographies of G.Vaughan, S. Miller and L Skynner, a short reprise of W H Jervis, and revisions of W Young and Sir J Wallace.

19.01.2021To come – an article on the mutiny of the Culloden, an overview of 1794, biographies of D Preston and W Pierrepoint, and revisions of Sir G Montagu, R R Bligh, and T Lloyd.

08.1.2021 – Next up – an article on the capture of the Alexander 74, biographies of R Faulknor, J Markham and J Carpenter, and revisions of W Fooks, J Houlton, and W Dickson.

26.12.2020 – to follow, bios of C Davers, J Cooke and T Rogers, an article on the Centurion v the Cybele, and revisions of the Yarmouth v Rudolph, Sir Bickerton, and S Uvedale.

02.12.2020 – to come – an article on the Artois v Revolutionnaire, biographies of L Robertson, M H Scott and S Tatham, and revisions of Lord Hood, the Drake v Ranger and the Kings Review of the fleet in 1778.

13.11.2020 Up next is an article on Sir John Warren’s destruction of the Volontaire, biographies of Lord A Fitzroy, G Grey and C Sawyer, and revisions of Lord Gardner, the Battle of the Kegs, and N Vincent.

14.10.2020 Coming up – an article explaining why Captain Essington faced a murder charge, biographies of C Otter, H Bayntun and J Manley, and revisions of J Byron, J Gambier (1) and E Vernon.

25.09.2020 next up, an article on the Romney’s capture of the Sibylle, biographies of Sir C Lindsay, G. Parker and J Temple, and revisions of J Bazeley, E Sutton and Viscount Keppel.

29.08.2020 to follow – an article on the non-encounter in the Golfe Juan between Lord Hood and the Toulon fleet, biographies of J Hills, T Wolley and J S Yorke, and revisions of T Furneaux, J Gidoin and H Bellew

25.07.2020 – Next up is an article on Sir James Saumarez’ escape from a French squadron, followed by biographies of W Taylor, G Gregory and B Rowley and revisions of W Fitzherbert, the capture of a privateer by J Bazeley, and Sir W Cornwallis

5.06.2020 Took a while to complete GFOJ – next up is an article on Admiral Ford’s capture of Port-au-Prince, biographies of J Hanwell, G Hope and C Cunningham, and revisions of C Thompson, J Hunter and S. Thompson.

26.05.2020 – Next up a big one – The Battle of the Glorious First of June. also biographies of C Paterson, G Towry and F Sotheron, and revisions of T Windsor, J Henry and F Reynolds.

13.05.2020 To follow – an article on the Carysfort v Castor, biographies of J Graves, R Graves and A Hunt (2), and revisions of Rainbow v Hancock, John Montagu and S Clayton.

28.04.2020 coming up next – an article on the Orpheus v Duguay-Trouin, biographies of Sir T B Thompson, Sir C Hamilton and Sir T Fremantle, and revisions of Fox v Hancock and Boston and the biographies of J Brisbane and W Griffith.

13.04.2020 Next up is an article on Commodore Warren’s defeat of a French frigate squadron, biographies of J Sutton, W Wolseley and A Beauclerk, and revisions of C Hope, R Curtis and the cruise of the Foudroyant.

26.03.2020 Moving on to the Corsican campaign of 1784, biographies of R Winthrop, J Woodley and W Paget, and revisions of H Duncan, an incident involving Lt Duckworth and Lord Shuldham.

13.03.2020 To follow – an article on Captain Durham’s escape from a squadron of French frigates, followed by biographies of W Edge, J Bullen and T Affleck, and revisions of Lord Howe, E Nugent and J Raynor.

26.02.2020 Next is an article on the Juno’s escape from Toulon with biographies of C Pater,R Middleton and C Hare and revisions of A Molloy, M Squire and the occupation of Rhode Island.

05.02.2020 To follow – an article on the Leeward Islands campaign led by Sir John Jervis in 1794, biographies of E Cooke and R W Miller, and revisions of T Edwards, S Graves and S Uppleby.

20.01.2020 Next up is the Channel fleet cruise of October-December 1793, an overview of 1793, bios of G Courtenay, A Kerr and J N Morris, and revisions of A Hunt, B Caldwell and S Lutwidge.

11.01.2020 To follow, biographies of Sir W Parker, A Montgomery and W J Hope, an article on the capture of the Thames. and revisions of The Turtle affair, G Talbot and T Caulfield

04.01.2020 To start the new year – biographies of J Matthews, F Cole and C Carpenter, an article on the frigate action between the Crescent and the Reunion, and revisions of J Morris, T Furneaux and G Vandeput

10.12.2019 Next up is an article on commodore Linzee’s attack on San Fiorenzo, with bios of R Bulteel, G Lumsdaine and T B Martin with revisions of Sir G Collier, the New York campaign of 1776 and Sir H Harvey.

16.11.2019 Bios to come on J Cooke (1) H Neale and E Clay, plus an article on Commodore Ford’s St. Domingo campaign of 1793 and revisions of R Linzee, J Saumarez and T Symonds

24.10.2019 Moving on is an article on the capture of Pondicherry in 1793, followed by biographies of W Hargood, F Epworth and I Pellew and revisions of W Williams, Lord Hotham and the unsuccessful attack on Charleston in 1776

04.10.2019 I’m taking a break from the schedule to compile a biography of Lord Cochrane for an up-coming talk. Hopefully it will be but a brief interlude.

13.09.2019. Next up is an article on Lord Hood’s occupation of Toulon, biographies of G Hamond, T Foley and F Irby, then revisions of the Relief of Quebec in 1776, Sir H Palliser, and A Scott.

24.08.2019 To follow – an article on the Boston v Engageante, biographies of P Sinclair and AH Gardner and revisions of Sir P Parker, C Atkins and Sir H Parker (1)

04.08.19 A long hiatus after a holiday in the USA and an unwelcome stay in hospital – on to the Channel fleet’s first cruise of 1793 then biographies of J Drew, Sir W Hotham and G Duff with revisions of Sir G Bowyer, Sir C Douglas and Sir C Parker.

30.06.2019 Cricket, cycling an gardening holding things up, but next along is an article on Captain Lumsdaine’s confusion with Lord Hood’s orders, followed by bios on R Barlow, J Ellison and R Bury, followed by revisions of Sir D Dent, F Maitland, and J Leveson-Gower.

26.05.2019 To follow – an article on the Nymphe v Cleopatre, biographies of D Atkins, J Ommanney and J Sanders, and revisions of M Robinson, R Edwards and J Elliot.

06.05.2019 Next up, an article on the capture of the Hyena and the deprivations suffered on Haiti by some of her crew, followed by biographies of W Peacock, J Jones and P Silvester and updates of Ld Barham, Sir R King and J Faulknor.

26.04.19 coming up – an article on the Venus v Semillante, followed by biographies of Lord W Stuart, C Dilkes and E Heywood plus revisions of Sir T Pye, J Evans and A Wilkinson.

13.04.2019 To follow – an article on the re-capture of a Spanish treasure ship from a French privateer, biographies of J Thompson, M Kerr and F Warren, and re-visits to the Earl of St. Vincent, P Fotheringham and G Ourry.

31.03.2019 Next up is an article on Admiral Gardner’s Leeward Islands campaign of 1793, followed by bios on S Ferris, Hon. A Cochrane and G R Collier, plus revisions of A Graeme, C Fielding, and J Duckworth.

18.03.2019 Next up is an article on the Navy ‘s preparation for war in 1793, plus bios on Sir G Parker, J Perkins and P Beaver, as well as revisits to J Montagu, R Braithwaite and J Symons.

04.03.2019 So, on to the French Revolutionary War with an article on the Brest batteries firing on the Childers before the declaration of war, followed by bios of G Tobin, J Elphinstone and Sir R Strachan. Concurrently I’m going to re-visit T Pringle, J Dacres and E Pellew to see whether additional material can be added.

24.02.2019 Next up, an article on the capture of the islands of Miquelon and St. Pierre in 1778 and biographies of E Pakenham, W Essington and N Portlock.

19.02.2019 To come, an article on the Ulysses v Surveillantew from 1779, then bios of R Barrie, J Sykes and V Ballard.

11.02.2019 An article on Lieutenant Gaborian’s unique capture of an American privateer captain in 1777 then bios of S Swaine, T Manby, and J Baker.

31.01.2019 Next up is an article on the capture, imprisonment and escape of Josias Rogers in 1776, followed by biographies of H Roberts, Z Mudge and P Puget

22.01.2019 The Peace of 1783-92 has now been completed. Before tackling the French Revolutionary War i’m going to do some revisions on the work posted to date whilst getting up to date with biographies. So, next biographies are H Nicholls, Sir W S Smith, and W Broughton, whilst The Battle of Ushant and the moonlight Battle will be updated.

14.01.2019 Next is an article on Lord Macartney’s embassy to China, and biographies on Eliab Harvey, R C Reynolds, and G B Westcott.

10.01.2019 To come, an article on an unmade lieutenant’ hardship following an East India company shipwreck in the Indian Ocean, followed by biographies of J Doling, Lord Northesk, and W Locker.

05.01.2019 Next up is an article on Admiral Duncan fighting an Edinburgh mob in 1792, followed by bios of H Curzon, J Dilkes, and C Cobb

26.12.2018 Hopefully there is enough material to write about Captain Beavers attempt to establish a colony on a small island in 1792, then bios of J Cotes, G Murray and H Warre.

18.12.2018 To follow- an article on the imprisonment and release of the Navy’s first black captain, John Perkins, followed by biographies of C Tyler, G Lindsay and M Smith.

09.12.2018 Coming up next is an article on the peace time engagement between the frigates Phoenix and Resolue, followed by biographies of W Jervis-Ricketts, V Berkeley, and R Watson.

05.12.2018 Next up is an article on Captain Bligh’s second voyage to the Pacific, followed by bios of W Young, G Campbell and T Shivers

20.11.2018 An article on Captain Vancouver’s voyage of discovery will be followed by bios of John Harper, J Halsted, J Pilford and I Schomberg.

09.11.2018 Next up is an article on the Russian Armament of 1791 then bios of D Woodriff, R. Byron, C Cole and E Brenton.

14.10.2018 an article on the wreck of the Endymion to follow, with bios on W Butterfield, Sir R King (2), J Giffard, E Osborne, and J Bligh

09.10.2018 To follow is an article concerning a tyrannical lieutenant aboard the Melampus, and then bios of J Colnett, T Peyton, Hon. R Stopford, R Forbes and J Hutt.

25.09.2018 Next up is an article on the Spanish Armament of 1790 with bios on Lord Camelford, E Riou, G Tripp and G Vancouver.

12.09.2018. An article to come on the Guardian’s encounter with an iceberg, then bios of C Nesham, T Gosselin, Lord Paulet, E Brace, E Foote, and J Gore.

29.08.2018 Biographies to come of J Cornwallis, R Moorsom, J Whitby, F Austen, L Halsted and H Downman, together with an article on how a midshipman by the name of Nesham found himself in Paris with a crown on his head

22.08.2018. Time in the Alps is the excuse this time – but an article will follow on Commodore Cornwallis’ expedition to India and a biography of J Salisbury.

26.07.2018. After long delays caused by a holiday in the southern states of the USA, the World Cup. Cricket, and the Tour de France, I’ve finally completed the article on Mutiny on the Bounty, so now there are bios of P Heywood, P Pipon and T Staines to follow, together with an article on the Kings Review of the Fleet in 1789.

10.06.2018 A bio of I. Smith to come, and then an article on the Mutiny on the Bounty.

31.05.2018 Articles to follow on the dispute over naval promotions, Captain Dawson’s dismissal from the navy, and an overview of 1788.

12.05.2018 An article to follow on Captain Coffin’s dismissal and reinstatement over false musters, plus bios on I Coffin, C. Sandys, Sir J Barclay, and Sir S Hood.

05.05.2018 With the cricket season coming into play entries to the website might be less frequent – bios to come on J Walker, C Chamberlayne, J Samber, P Bertie, T Byard, A Edgar, H Ball, W Daniel and S. Barker then an overview of 1787.

19.04.2018. Bios to follow on A Phillip, W Bradley, P.G. King, H. L. Bird, and M de Courcy, then an article on the Dutch Armament of 1787.

29.03.2018 Bios to follow on S H Inglefield, B Hallowell, H Whitby and Hon J C Pitt followed by an article on the sailing of the First Fleet to Australia.

18.03.2018 Next up comes 1786, when apart from a salacious trial involving Captain and Mrs Inglefield nothing happened!

17.03.2018 Next up is an article on Admiral Vernon’s balloon ride, the summary for 1785, and a bio of Sir H Prescott, plus updates on I Prescott, S Lutwidge, C Phipps, S Reeve, F Banks, Sir A Hamond, and C Hudson.

08.03.2018 Bios to come on C Collingwood, W Collingwood and J Wallis, followed by an article on the wife-beating Captain Prescott

06.03.2018 Bios to come on W Carthew, J Stone, P Minchin, S. Osborne and W Bentinck, with articles on Commodore Douglas’ recall from Halifax and Captain Nelson’s attempt to enforce the Navigation Laws in the Leeward Islands.

22.02.2018 The American Revolutionary War finished at last. That’s 138 articles and 419 biographies in 27 months. Nothing for it but to crack on with the rest of the project now. 1784, a quiet year, comes next with an article on Lord Hood’s attempt to get elected as the MP for Westminster and another article on Lieutenant William Carthew’s bitter captivity in India and his return to civilisation.

20.02.2018 Bio to come on G Monke, then an article on the loss of the Cato and a review of 1783, whereupon the American Revolutionary War is finished – for now!

11.02.2018 Next up are bios on T Jones, W Allen, W Clark, R M’douall, J Clark, and if possible C Halliday, plus an article on a personal dispute involving Sir James Wallace.

06.02.2018 Bios to come on R Murray and W O’Hara, plus an article on the Battle of Cuddalore.

25.01.2018 Two articles to come on the Hussar v Sibylle and the mutiny on the Janus, plus bios on J W Payne and T M Russell.

20.01.2018 1782 completed! On to an overview of 1783 and an attempt at an article on an inconclusive action between the Magicienne and the Sibylle, a biography of W Knell, then the Leander’s action with a mystery ship!.

18.01.2018 Bios to come on T Taylor, C Stirling, R Boger, W Domett, and if possible J Reynolds, followed by a tidy-up of 1782 then on to 1783.

11.01.2018 Bios to follow on J Kempthorne, R R Burgess, J Trigge and an article on Lord Howe’s Relief of Gibraltar

01.01.2018 Bios to come on S. Moriarty, H Inman, R Keats and E Nagle followed by an article on the London v Scipion.

17.12.2017 Next up is a biography on J Blankett, followed by articles on the Central Atlantic Hurricane of September 1782, and the capture of the French frigate Aigle.

05.12.2017 Bio of J S Smith to come, with articles on the Rainbow v Hebe and the Grand Assault on Gibraltar.

24.11.2017 Biography to come of P Durham and of J Crispo, followed by an article on the Battle of Trincomale.

16.11.2017 A biography of Samuel Graves (2) followed by articles on Captain Talbot and the Wreck of the EI Grosvenor, and the Sinking of the Royal George.

09.11.2017 Bios to come on R Barbor, J Aylmer, R Lucas H. Pigot (1), G A Keppel, and H Savage, followed by articles on the wreck of Captain Thornbrough’s frigate Blonde and the Battle of Negapatam.

30.10.2017 I’m going to see if there is enough material for biographies of C Craven, T Durrell and T Piercey, followed by bios of T Parr, D Maclellan, C Hughes and H Newcome, then a very big article on the Battle of the Saintes.

24.10.2017 Biographies to come on Sir R Hughes, W Cayley, Lord Hervey and R Bowen, followed by an article on the Battle of Providen.

17.10.2017 Next up – an article on the Channel Fleet campaign of 1782

15.10.2017 Bios to come on W Stevens, H Reynolds, A Reddall. P Rainier, R Montagu and A Christie, followed by an article on the Success v Santa Catalina

13.10.2017 Bios to follow on W Fahie, Lord Cranstoun, J M’Laurin, G Wilson and T. West, followed by an article on the Battle of Sadras

08.10.2017 Overview of 1782 to come, then an article on the Battle of St. Kitts.

06.10.2017 Bios on Alexander Hood and Henry Cromwell, followed by a revision of the 1781 overview and then its another year finished.

23.09.2017 Bios to come on T Wells, G Palmer, J Ardesoif, N Charrington, G Bowen, C H Everitt, E Bowater and T Graves followed by an article on Rear-Admiral Kempenfelt’s attack on a French convoy.

04.09.2017 Holidays, cricket, and the illness and passing of my much loved mother have delayed work, but next article is on the Battle of the Chesapeake.

02.08.2017 – Not enough info available on Thomas Boston, so moving on to the Battle of the Doggersbank, and bios of R M Sutton, M Waghorn, G Robertson, and John Ferguson.

25.07.2017 Biographies to come on J King and J Bourchier, followed by articles on the mutiny aboard the Santa Monica and the Battle of Cape Breton. If enough information is available then I’ll try a bio of Thomas Boston.

11.07.2017 Cricket season and Tour de France taking its toll on the workload, but an article to come on the Trepassey and Atlanta v Alliance, the Battle of St. Mary, and bios on E Herbert, S Edwards and an article on the Channel fleet campaign of 1781.

20.06.2017 – biographies to follow on C Knatchbull, R H Bickerton, W Finch, E T Smith, and J Stanhope followed by articles on Canada v Leocadia and Nonsuch v Actif.

06.06.2017 – Biographies on J Alms, T Pasley, J Pigott, P. Auvergne, H Darby, C Wood and Hon T. Lumley, followed by an article on the Battle of Fort Royal.

25.05.2017 – Biographies to follow on J Purvis, H Trollope, J Williams and C Wolseley followed by an article on the Battle of Porto Praya.

22.05.2017 Bios now on Gideon Johnstone, and Smith Child followed by an article on the Relief of Gibraltar in April 1781.

11.05.2017 – Bios to come on Hon J Chetwynd, W Nowell and Hon. S Finch, followed by an article on the Battle of Cape Henry

01.05.2017 – 1780 finished bar some tidying up, so on to an overview of 1781 followed by an article on the raid on St. Eustatius.

20.04.2017 – Catching up after a welcome holiday in Tenerife, so bios to come on T Dumaresq, P Carteret, J Inglefield, Sir W. Stirling, J Gell, S H Walker, Sir T Rich, and G Wilkinson, followed by an article on the Isis v Rotterdam.

29.03.2017 – Articles to come on the Vestal’s capture of some important despatches, a row between Admirals Arbuthnot and Rodney, biographies of Hon J Rodney and Gideon Johnstone, and an article on the great hurricane in the Leeward Islands.

23.03.2017 – Articles coming up on the loss of Captain Moutray’s convoy, Flora v Nymphe and Bienfaisant v Comte d’Artois, plus biographies on E Thornbrough and Hon. T Cadogan.

17.03.2017 A biography to come on C Inglis (1) and articles on the Nonsuch v Belle Poule, a busy ten days for the sloop Porcupine, and the loss of Captain Moutray’s convoy.

14.03.2017 – upcoming biographies are on Hon. G Falconer, T Wilkinson, C Ommanney and Hon G. Murray followed by an article on the brief action between Cornwallis and de Ternay on the Jamaican station

07.03.2017 – biographies upcoming on Sir C Saxton, P Leslie and J Faulknor Jnr, followed by an article on the Apollo v Stanislas and the death of Captain Pownall.

28.02.2017 – biographies to come on J Bradby, J Macartney, G A Byron, R Cotton, S Douglas, R Calder, Waldegrave and W Fox, followed by an article on the Spanish fireship attack on Gibraltar.

25.02.2017 – biographies to come on J Hawkins-Whitshed, F Hartwell, R Man, and J Thomas followed by an article on the Channel Fleet campaign of 1780.

18.02.2017 – I’m going to take slight deviation and work on a few biographies that have been requested recently, these are:- H Bromedge, P Browne, T Gaborian, W Garnier, R Palliser Cooper, and T Tonken.

05.02.2017 – bios on C Gayton, M Everitt, G Gayton, Viscount Keith and A S Douglas followed by an article on the remainder of the Leeward Islands campaign inthe summer of 1780.

31.01.2017 – Bios to come on T Watson, J Holloway, C Cotton, G Home and W Fooks followed by an article ion the capture of Charleston

25.01.2017 – Bios to follow on C Buckner, Hon. T Pakenham, B Glover, J Cowling and G H Stephens then an article on the Battle of Martinique.

17.01.2017 Bios to come on J Bourmaster, J L Douglas, E. Gower, E Thompson, H. Seymour-Conway, T Louis, King William IV and S Wallis, followed by articles on the capture of the Protee and Cornwallis’ action in the Windward Passage.

12.01.2017 1779 completed at last. Overview of 1780 to follow, together with biographies on F Geary and J Harvey followed by article on the Moonlight Battle,

08.01.2017 – I’m holding back the biography of B James as I’ve come across his thoroughly readable journal. Instead I’m moving on to articles on the Quebec v Surveillante, Hyde Parker’s capture of a French convoy, and finally for 1779, the detention of a neutral Dutch convoy, coupled with biographies of R George, T Newnham and C Thompson.

31.12.2016 – Have finally managed to post something on the Battle of Flamborough Head, or the Bonhomme Richard v Serapis – very tricky given all the conflicting reports and mutual propaganda surrounding this engagement. Now on to a biography of Sir Richard Pearson followed by an article on the Navy at the siege of Savannah, a biography of R Fisher and of T Mackenzie, then an article on the Omoa Campaign with biographies of Hon. J Luttrell, C Parker, J Pakenham, and B James

24.12.2016 – As I need a full day to cut through all the hype and conflicting opinions surrounding the Bonhomme Richard v Serapis engagement I’ve been able to add a number of biographies in the meantime. – J Wheate, R Home, G Farmer, T Lloyd (1) R B Nicholas and F W Drake

08.12.2016 – bios to come on J Cleland, J Nott, S Cornish, T Penny, P Affleck, H St. John, and T Burnet, followed by an article on Serapis v Bonhomme Richard

25.11.2016 – There are lots of bios arising out of he channel fleet Retreat article, so Im going to split them up with another article: Bios will be D Graves, B Hartwell, J Stanton, A Innes, J Dalrymple and S Thompson, followed y an article on the Pearl v Santa Monica

09.11.2016 – Bios to come on J Elphinstone, W Truscott, N Bateman, R Carkett, W Affleck and Lord Rodney, followed by an article on the Channel fleet retreat of August 1779

07.11.2016 – A big one next – the Battle of Grenada

16.10.2016 – After further delays caused by preparing the house for building work I’m hopefully back on track. Bios to follow on J Rogers, Sir J Collins, A Sutherland, T Howe, A Barkley, Sir J Orde, J Howarth and T Farnham, followed by an article about a young Horatio Nelson saving the crew of a fire-stricken ship through his quick thinking.

03.09.2016 – Hi – No I’ve not gone away, but rather a busy cricket season followed by a holiday in the USA and Canada has kept me away from the site. As the nights draw in I should hopefully be able to get back to doing some work!

15.07.2016 – bios to come on E Dod, C P Hamilton, T Drury, T Spry, W Swiney and J Peyton jnr, followed by an article on Commodore Collier’s destructive campaign against the American colonies

07.07.2016 – Bios on J Williamson, a certain W Bligh and J Burney followed by an article on the ‘Battle in Cancale Bay’.

04.07.2016 – Two articles coming up – Apollo v Oiseau followed by the Death of Captain Cook.

30.06.2016 – Into 1779 with bios to come on Sir C Hardy, and then coming in at No 210 Horatio Nelson, followed immediately by James Cook and an article on a mutiny aboard the Prince George.

27.06.2016 – The only saving grace of busting my knee is that I’ve more time to update the website – bios to come of B Douglas, H Sawyer, J Brine and J Cumming then 1778 is complete and we sail into the 1779 overview

23.06.2016 – Bios to come on T Troubridge, G Young, B Marlow, J Panton, A Mitchell and C Pole followed by an article on the Battle of St. Lucia

04.06.2016 – Some bios to come arising out of the Rhode Island article – H Christian, W Otway, G Dawson, H Stanhope, J Inglis, J Watt, R Smith and H Dalrymple, followed by an article on operations off Pondicherry.

19.05.2016 – Thanks to the prolonged celebration of Bristol Rovers’ promotion and the onset of the cricket season progress has been slow – next biographies are J P Nott, J Macbride, H Bryne ,J Campbell and R Kingsmill followed by an article on the British v French fleet off Rhode Island.

29.04.2016 – The last but one batch of bios arising from the Battle of Ushant article to come – J Colpoys, G Walters, Brereton, J Rowley, Cosby, Lockhart-Ross, K Stewart and Walsingham, followed by an article on Captain Alan Gardner’s capture of a prize and his ensuing selflessness.

17.04.2016 – A further tranche of biographies arising from the Battle of Ushant – J Ford, J Lindsay, G Darby, R Digby, C Ogle, R Kempenfelt, W Bayne and M Milbanke, followed by an article on Captain Colins’ expedition to Egg Harbour. Progress may be slow as there are two Bristol Rovers matches to see this week as the Gas push for promotion. Fingers crossed!

07.04.2016 – Loads more bios to come – A Bertie, Boteler, Moutray, E Hughes, Viscount Bridport, J Laforey, M Clements and J Peyton followed by an article on the capture of the USS Raleigh.

26.03.2016 – Following Bristol Rovers over Easter is taking its toll on the workload! Bios to come on J Stott, S Goodall, Ld Mulgrave, J Cranston, J Allen, G Berkeley, M Arbuthnot, and R Roddam followed by article on the Fox v Junon

18.03.2016 – 40-odd biographies arising from the Battle of Ushant article so I’m going to break my rules and throw in an article every eight bios. so its bios of WH Kelly, S Marshall, W Burnaby, Lord Duncan, Sir J Hamilton, Ld Longford, A Fraser and R Biggs followed by Minerva v Concorde

09.03.2016 – A few more bios – B Christian, E Edwards, Lord Gambier, P Aplin, J Watt, C Petersen and M Jacobs, followed by one of the biggest articles of the project – the Battle of Ushant and the political aftermath

27.02.2016 – Lots more bios to come o the back of the Defence of New York article – W Finch, G. Johnstone, J Hawker, J Vashon, H Colins, G Keppel, R Onslow, W P Williams… and then some more

21.02.2016 – Five more bios – T Edwards, T Collingwood, H Robinson, H Harmood and J Butchart, then the next article, ‘The Defence of New York’.

15.02.2016 – Next article is the dispatch of Byron’s fleet to meet the threat to North America of the Toulon fleet with bios on F Drake (not that one) H Parker snr, W Blair, E Affleck, T Graves, J Wheelock, G Balfour and S Colby

09.02.2016 – More biographies to come: W Fairfax, R Simonton, P Patton, Lord Manners, C Fitzgerald, T Hicks, A Crespin, F Parry, R Harland, I Prescott, B Hill, F Evans and A Parrey. Looking forward to getting back to articles.

05.02.2016 – Lots of biogs to do: J. Houlton, W. Dickson (no 100!, only 1,100 to go!) G. Montagu, R Bligh, T Lloyd, T Frederick, W Young. Then a whole bunch more before the next article.

31.01.2016 – Next up is a bio of N.Vincent, articles on ‘The Battle of the Kegs’, the Yarmouth v USS Rudolph, and the Drake v John Paul Jones’ Ranger, followed by the review of the fleet by King George in May 1778 and one of the major bios, Viscount Hood.

23.01.2016 – 1777 completed along with horrible biogs on Squire and J Knight where conflicting information was prevalent. Biogs to follow on J Bazely snr, E Sutton, then overview of 1778 and major biogs of Keppel, Byron, Gambier snr, Vernon and Gardner.

12.01.2016 – Next biogs are Fitzherbert, W Cornwallis, Pownoll,J Linzee, Gidoin, Bellew, Squire and J Knight, followed by an article on capture and aftermath of a rebel privateer.

07.01.2016 – Next biographies will be John Montagu, Samuel Clayton, Hon. Thomas Windsor, Francis Reynolds, John Henry and John Hunter, Next article will be on the Philadelphia campaign of 1777

02.01.2016 – I’m currently editing and validating the year 1777. The next article will be Rainbow v Hancock. Upcoming biographies are on Digby Dent, Hon Frederick Maitland, Hon John Leveson-Gower, George Bowyer, john Brisbane and Walter Griffith.

Welcome to 2016 – A new year and the website is nearly ready to go live. Massive thanks to JP for all his great work in designing the site!

30.11.2015 – First article published