William Daniel

Died 1800

He was commissioned lieutenant on 27 October 1758 and promoted commander on 14 July 1779, having captained the depot ship Greenwich 26 at the Nore. This vessel was eventually paid off in March 1783, although Daniel had been posted captain on 15 September 1781.

During the Dutch Armament in 1787 he commissioned the Conqueror 74 at the Nore.before taking her to Chatham to pay her off towards the end of November.

In the early years of the French Revolutionary War Daniel was the regulating captain at Gravesend, in which capacity his eldest son, Lieutenant William Henry Daniel, served under him whilst recuperating from illness. In 1797 the Committee of Merchants and Co of London awarded Daniel a presentation small-sword for his great and unremitting exertions in the performance of his duty at and below Gravesend during the mutiny at the Nore .

He died on 21 February 1800.

Daniel married a Miss M Dawson of Newcastle on Tyne. His eldest son, William Henry Daniel, was posted captain in 1800 whilst another son, Robert Savage Daniel, was killed when first lieutenant of the Bellerophon 74 at the Battle of the Nile in 1798.