Tobias Caulfield



The aborted attack on Charleston 1776

He was commissioned lieutenant on 20 July 1759 and was wounded when serving aboard the Bristol 50 bearing the broad pennant of Commodore Sir Peter Parker at the unsuccessful attack on Charleston on 28 June 1776. Having been posted captain on 6 July as a reward for his conduct at Charleston he passed straight through the rank of commander to replace his late captain, John Morris, who had been fatally wounded during the attack.

Carrying Sir Peter Parker?s broad pennant aboard the Bristol 50, he commanded a division of boats in the landings on Long Island during the New York campaign of July – October 1776, and after exchanging with Captain John Raynor into the Chatham 50 in September was present with Parker?s broad pennant in the occupation of Rhode Island on 8 December 1776.

In 1778 he went out to Jamaica, to which station Parker had been appointed commander-in-chief, and replaced Captain Raynor as flag-captain once more aboard the Bristol 50, although he was ill ashore when she was present in Commodore Hon. William Cornwallis? defensive actions with the French in the Windward Passage on 20-22 March and on 20 June 1780. During the Great Hurricanes of October 1780 the Bristol was dismasted.

He died at Port Royal, Jamaica, on 31 January 1781.