Richard Fisher

Fisher was commissioned lieutenant on 24 October 1778.

His brig Savannah 14, which he commanded as a lieutenant, was sunk to block the bar at Savannah, Georgia, during the siege of September-October 1779. In the meantime he had been promoted commander on 20 August 1779.

In February 1782 Fisher joined the Alecto 12, going out to the Leeward Islands and being present at the Battle of the Saintes on 12 April. He was posted captain of the battle prize Caton 64 on 22 April in order to bring her back to England with Rear Admiral Thomas Graves s convoy. Prior to the Central Atlantic Hurricane of September the Caton diverted for Halifax under escort of the Pallas 32, Captain Christopher Parker, and she eventually reached Plymouth in October 1783.

From October 1784 until October 1786 he commanded the Europa 50, flagship of Rear-Admiral Alexander Innes at Jamaica, although this officer died in January of the latter year. From 19 May to 8 September 1790 he was in acting command of the Royal Sovereign 100 during her commissioning for the Spanish Armament. He thereafter commissioned the Winchelsea 32 in September 1791, going out to Halifax in October, and in the following spring he conveyed a troop force to the West Indies.

During 1794 Fisher commanded the Stately 64 before recommissioning the Jupiter 50, a vessel which he left at the start of the following year in order to spend a few weeks aboard the Scipio 64. His final command was the Powerful 74, which he recommissioned in April 1795 and retained until the late summer.

He appears to have died before 1802.