John Stone

Died 1786.

Stone was commissioned lieutenant on 12 December 1776 and promoted commander on 22 June 1781, whereupon he commissioned the fireship Tisiphone 8 for the first time for service in the Channel.

He was posted captain of the armed store ship Dromedary 22 on 23 August 1781, and was employed thereafter in the Downs before paying her off in July 1782, having briefly served as the flagship of Vice-Admiral William Drake and Rear-Admiral Sir Richard Hughes on that station.

Stone recommissioned the Hermione 32 at Sheerness in April 1783, in which he sailed for the Halifax station that autumn in company with Commodore Sir Charles Douglas pennant ship Assistance 50, Captain William Bentinck. Due to poor weather the ships diverted to Sandy Hook prior to wintering in the Leeward Islands. After eventually reaching Nova Scotia in the spring of 1784 the Hermione returned home with the recalled Commodore Douglas in August 1785.

Captain Stone died in Chandos Street, Covent Garden, on Thursday 6 July 1786.