John Salisbury

Died 1794.

Salisbury was commissioned lieutenant on 3 December 1777 and promoted commander of the American prize Stormont 16 on 14 April 1783, which vessel served in the Leeward Islands prior to returning to Deptford in March 1784 and being paid off.

During 1788-9 he had the sloop Termagant 26 in the Channel, where he earned a reputation as the scourge of all smugglers, particularly those based in Cornwall. He was posted captain on 26 August 1789 following the Termagant s participation in the King s Naval Review at Plymouth on 18 August, and in the following year he recommissioned the Narcissus 20 to command her for but a few months.

During the Spanish Armament of 1790 Salisbury recommissioned the Andromeda 32 for service in the Channel and in attendance on the King at Weymouth, and he also hosted the Earl of Chatham and his fellow lords of the Admiralty. Towards the end of 1792 he cruised off Ushant with orders to keep watch on the French fleet in Brest.

Salisbury was still commanding the Andromeda when war broke out with France in 1793, and he joined Rear-Admiral Alan Gardner s squadron that campaigned in the Leeward Islands from March. In November, after returning to England, he exchanged with Captain the Earl of Northesk into the Beaulieu 40, and he later served as a volunteer aboard Vice-Admiral Sir John Jervis’ flagship Boyne 90 in order to assist with piloting her in the Leeward Islands during the campaign on that station which commenced in January 1794 before leaving the Beaulieu in March.​

Salisbury died in August 1794.

His name was frequently spelt as Salusbury.