John Reynolds

Died 1793.

Reynolds was commissioned lieutenant on 9 May 1758, and he was promoted commander out of the Centaur 74, Captain Phillips Cosby, on 14 May 1778 to join the Ranger 8, seeing service in the Downs and retaining her on that station for the next three years.

In June 1781 he was appointed to the ex-Warspite 74, which had been renamed the receiving and hospital ship Arundel, and which he retained until the next summer when he flew the flag of Rear-Admiral Sir Richard Hughes at Portsmouth.

On 10 July 1782 he was posted captain, and he joined Hughes aboard the Princess Amelia 80, serving at the Relief of Gibraltar and the Battle of Cape Spartel in October where his ship suffered casualties of four men killed and five wounded. Two weeks later he sailed with Hughes for the West Indies where the rear-admiral replaced Admiral Hugh Pigot as the commander-in-chief in the Leeward Islands following the peace. Shortly afterwards Reynolds transferred with Hughes to the Leander 50, and he returned home in the early summer of 1784.

Captain Reynolds died on 19 June 1793

His address at the time of his death was given as Widley, Hampshire.