John Doling

Died 1795.

Doling was commissioned lieutenant on 24 November 1778.

During 1786 he was the first lieutenant aboard the Portsmouth guardship Hector 74, Captain Sir John Collins, and in the course of the Dutch Armament he commissioned the Victory 100 for Captain Charles Hope in October 1787.

He was promoted commander on 21 September 1790, and he commanded the Britannia 100 from 3 October in an acting capacity during the Spanish Armament before paying the vessel off at Portsmouth on 26 November. From January 1791 until the autumn of 1793 he commanded the brig-sloop Drake 14 in the Channel.

In October 1793 Doling commissioned the sloop Swift 16 in which he departed Spithead with Admiral Lord Howe s grand fleet in May 1794, prior to being detached with the Suffolk 74, Captain Peter Rainier, in the escort of the East Indies convoy. Reaching Madras in September, Doling at some point transferred to the Suffolk when Rainier raised his commodore s broad pennant aboard her as the new commander-in-chief.

Doling was posted captain with seniority from 4 May 1795, but he died whilst still serving in the East Indies later that year.

His surname was often spelt as Dolling .