Hon. George Falconer

c1722-80. He was the youngest of five sons of David, 5th Lord Falconer of Halkertoun, and his wife Lady Catherine Margaret Keith, the eldest daughter of the Earl of Kintore. The couple also had four daughters.

Falconer was commissioned lieutenant on 12 February 1745, and he was the second lieutenant of the Intrepid 64, Captain James Young, at the defeat of Vice-Admiral John Byng s fleet by the French at the Battle of Minorca on 20 May 1756. He was promoted commander on 10 November and commissioned the new sloop Diligence 10 with which he captured the privateer Cygne on 1 February 1757. In the meantime, during early January, he had given evidence at the court-martial of Vice-Admiral Byng who was eventually found guilty of failing to do his utmost to prevent the loss of Minorca and was executed.

Falconer was posted captain on 27 April 1762, and he commanded the Captain 70 on harbour service until the late summer. Thereafter he commanded the Juno 32 with which he captured the privateer Galgo on 14 September, and in 1764 he joined the Essex 64, going out to Jamaica in the autumn and retaining her until she was paid off in May 1766.

In December 1773 Falconer joined the Medway guardship Triumph 74, and in January 1775 transferred to the Mars 74 guardship at Chatham before cruising off Cape Finisterre in the autumn, and which he retained until she was laid up in January 1778.

In October 1778 he recommissioned the Diana 32 for service in the North Sea, and he was present in the Channel during the following year and served in a squadron under the orders of Captain John Jervis that winter. In 1780 he removed to the Invincible 74.

Captain Falconer died on 3 May 1780 at Liphook, Hampshire, whilst still commanding the Invincible.

He married Hannah Ivie the widow of Lieutenant Hardy of the Navy, and had issue George Gordon Falconer. His widow remarried in 1786. His address was given as Phesdo, Kincardine, Scotland.

He was one of several officers named by Lord Robert Manners as lacking character and ability as a sea officer.