Christopher Halliday

Died 1790.

Halliday was commissioned lieutenant on 23 January 1778.

Serving in the East Indies, he was posted captain of the Isis 50 on 9 October 1782 in succession to Captain Hon. Thomas Charles Lumley who was killed at the Battle of Trincomale that day. In May 1783 he was placed in command of a small squadron that was left at Madras by the commander-in-chief, Vice-Admiral Sir Edward Hughes, to escort storeships to the army once it arrived at the siege of Cuddalore. After rejoining the fleet he subsequently commanded the Isis at the Battle of Cuddalore on 20 June where she lost three men killed and thirty wounded.

Following the peace Halliday remained in the East Indies as flag-captain to Commodore Andrew Mitchell aboard the Defence 74, prior to returning home in the latter part of 1785.

Captain Halliday died in 1790.