Brabazon Christian

1755-1788. He came from an ancient Isle of Man family that later settled in Ireland.

Christian was commissioned lieutenant on 18 July 1776 and commanded the galley Cornwallis 3 at New York during 1777. Promoted commander on 22 November, he joined the purchased ship Vigilant as a 20-gun sixth rate at Philadelphia, and he was present with the fleet at the defence of New York in July 1778 and the action off Rhode Island in August. In October the Vigilant joined the Egg Harbour Expedition and she was later present at Savannah when the French fleet under the Comte d Estaing arrived in September 1779, taking part in the successful defence of the city and being sent home with despatches.

He was posted captain of the Seaford 24 on 1 January 1780, being engaged in convoy duty and serving in the Irish Sea. During early 1782 he was appointed to the Cyclops 28, and he commanded her in the North Sea before sailing for North America in April. He assisted the Amphion 32 Captain John Bazely, in the capture of the Railleur 14 on 11 January 1783, and later took the letter of marquee Aimable Catichette on 10 February.

His final command was the Daphne 20, to which he was appointed in December 1783, serving off Ireland and being paid off in January 1788.

Christian died at Balynakill, County Waterford, Ireland in 1788.

His wife, Elizabeth Greene, gave birth to their only child, a daughter Olympia, in the year of his death.