Benjamin Hill

Died 1785.


Hill spent most of his later years in the service as the flag-captain of Admiral Hon. Samuel Barrington

Hill was commissioned lieutenant on 31 March 1760, and during 1765 he served aboard the Achilles 60, Captain Lord William Campbell.

He was promoted commander on 18 March 1777, but in November his command, the recently refitted armed ship Earl of Bute, foundered in the Gulf of Florida.

Hill was posted captain on 28 January 1778 and became flag captain to Rear-Admiral Hon. Samuel Barrington aboard the Prince of Wales 74 in the Leeward Islands, fighting at the Battle of St. Lucia on 15 December 1778, and at the Battle of Grenada on 6 July 1779. During the latter engagement Barrington was wounded and Hill returned home with him.

In the summer of 1780 he recommissioned the Barfleur 98 as flag captain to Vice-Admiral Hon. Samuel Barrington who had accepted the position of second-in-command of the Channel fleet, participating in the campaign of June-December 1780, and leaving her towards the winter when his patron was obliged to resign his position.

With the change of government in 1782 he commanded the Britannia 100 from 7 April as flag-captain to the reinstated Barrington, paying the vessel off at Portsmouth in March 1783.

Hill died in London on 9 September 1785.