Abraham Crespin

1731- 1786. He was the son of William Crispin of Newton Ferrars in Devon.

Crespin was commissioned lieutenant on 20 January 1762, and from 1771-3 commanded the schooner Halifax 6 in North American waters. In early 1778 he was the senior lieutenant aboard Vice-Admiral John Montagu s flagship Europa 64, Captain Francis Parry, and he was promoted commander on 13 May 1778 as a result of the Kings review of the fleet.


Captain Crespin’s only major action was the Battle of Martinique in 1780

In the same month he commissioned the bomb Vesuvius 8, seeing service off Africa where he was present at the capture of Goree on 4 April 1779, and later serving in the Leeward Islands.

He was posted captain on 17 January 1780, and joining her in March he commanded the Suffolk 74 at the Battle of Martinique on 17 April where her casualties numbered twelve men wounded, and in the remainder of the Leeward Islands campaign from May – July, including the fleet skirmishes off St. Lucia in the former month when she suffered casualties of one man killed and twenty-one wounded. After continuing with the Leeward Islands fleet until coming home with a convoy from Jamaica in 1781 the Suffolk was paid off in September that year.

Crespin did not serve again and died in the latter part of 1786.

He married Martha Legassicke of Modbury Devon on 16 March 1776 and had one son and a daughter whilst residing in that town. There was some confusion over his family name, his father and brother spelling their surname Crispin .